The best uses of the microwave

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The best uses of the microwave

First, what are microwaves?

Microwaves are a type of electromagnetic radiation such as UV rays, UV rays, radio waves and gamma rays, which are used in many tasks such as radar, communications, cooking, heating and food preparation because the microwave frequency ranges from 1 billion vibrations per second, or one gigahertz. It is about 300 GHz with a wavelength of 30 cm to about 0.03 mm.

The most important uses of the microwave.

The best uses of the microwave

1- Reheat food

2- cook

3- Sterilization of kitchen utensils

4- Make citrus fruits a juicer

5- Heating beauty products

6- Roasting garlic

7- Removing the crystallization of honey or removing the frozen moisture inside the honey

8- Making yeast at home

 The best uses of the microwave

The importance of the microwave in your kitchen.

The microwave has many uses and it works with electricity and does not need to use gas like the well-known stoves

Which uses gas to heat and cook food.

Why is using a microwave much better than using an electric oven?

Because one of the most important uses of the microwave is to heat food

1- Heating cold food that is difficult to heat with the same efficiency as you heat it unless you use an electric oven

Or a stove, because microwave waves penetrate into all the food content in the same amount so that it heats up

All grains of rice, for example, evenly, without burning a part and keeping a part cold

2- Heating bread, and here are the most important uses of the microwave device in your kitchen, because many of us keep bread in refrigerators

Or a deep freezer, and it is difficult to reheat the bread quickly, and here comes the role of the microwave in removing the accumulated snow on me

Bread bags kept in the refrigerator, but when you put bread in a microwave for about 2 minutes, you will get a result

It is steamed for bread and it is as if it was fresh and it was baked and prepared at the same moment

3- One of my most important uses for the microwave is to cook onions or, in colloquially, make the frying pan, which is used in koshary

Most of the Egyptian foods are known only. All you have to do is grate the onions and put them in the microwave for a while

Ranging from 5 to 7 minutes, and you only stir the onions until they cook to the same degree, just put the onions and an amount of

Oil or ghee according to your desire and leave it in the microwave for the specified period according to your desire and then you get any quantity

From frying without burning any part, unlike cooking frying on the stove or anything else that makes you constantly stir

And when you stop, respect the foods to be cooked

4- You can also cook a kind of cake with ease, just prepare the ingredients and put them in the designated bowl

For the microwave and waiting for a period of between 3 to 6 minutes, depending on the temperature or type of microwave in your kitchen

5- The most important uses of the microwave for me are heating rice, heating bread, and making pasta of all kinds

The best and most important types of utensils used for the microwave.

A microwave is physically different from the use of any other heat source, and the microwave oven must be used

the most important

1 - Utensils made of refractory pyrex, whether it is dishes or cooking utensils

2 - The use of all types of pottery suitable for use in cooking food in the microwave, taking into account the absence of

Any metal part or silver or gold coating because it contains metals, which may cause a band or make very loud sounds

Or it may damage the utensils and the device together

3- Use bags for heating food and making popcorn, bags for microwaves, which are available to me

Shops and merchant

The most important secrets of using the unknown microwave

How to disinfect utensils using the microwave

Did you know, dear reader, that the microwave disinfects the utensils in a state similar to sterilization, meaning that it purifies the utensils?

Which is suitable for use in the microwave, and the most important of these types are

1- Disinfecting plastic utensils and sponges, disinfecting cutting boards, and removing odors from pots only.

What you have to do is to put the juice of the lemon and put it on the utensils to be disinfected and remove odors from them for a minute

One and thus you will have sterilized and disinfected utensils of very high quality

2- You can also boil and roast food and steam foods using the microwave.

3- Make juice for citrus fruits, such as lemons, oranges, and most acidic foods, just put them in the microwave

After about 2 minutes, according to your desire, and then you get double the juices to be produced in your kitchen

4- Heating beauty products because beauty products get very better when placed for 30 seconds in the microwave

Because it distributes heat in a constant degree to each part of the cosmetics.

5- Roasting garlic using the microwave if you are a person who is interested in cooking and loves the hobby and preparing different types of garlic

Useful, sterilized